Microchip check up

Microchip fact!

This is why we need to get the microchips checked regularly…..⏰️

This is flynn. His microchip has moved…that is quite normal and not a problem, but what is a problem is if they actually leave the body!

This one is so close to the skin you can see #microchip #AnimalPhysiotherapist #bracknell #animalphysiotherapy  it! I worry it won’t stay forever so mum does check it’s there. Luckily for her, she can see it.

I have actually massaged a dog once and found it in the fur and handed the chip back to the owner before! Only happened once, but once is statically quite a shock!

So just remember, when you are at the vet, check the microchip is there AND of you move house or change phone number, update your details! ✅️

Microchip so close to the skin you can see it!