Welcome to Romeo

Romeo is a beautiful cat. It’s always lovely when we have our cat patients.

He had a really rough start in life with lot of illness. But his parents were super stars and pushd through and got him well again!

More to the story as he had more problems. But before that, I had to share what Romeos mu. Told me the referral vet had said.

🐈Apparently her referral vet was…. “Well they are singing your praises and so was I showing the range of moment Romeo now has in his legs compared to before. They said you’ve done excellent getting him moving around as currently they are stumped!”

Romeo was diagnosed with hip dysplasia a few months ago. This is not uncommon in cats.

He came for physio but there was something that just didn’t seem right.

The super star owner took him to the referral who agreed….something else going on there….so he is in investigation…

Bless his little cottons though….he has alot going on so let’s send him some healing vibes

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