Welcome to Bobby


Hello and welcome to Bobby. This is a very special boy. Mostly because he is so incredibly cute and also because he has some enormous paws to fill.

His mum used to bring her late dog to me for physio. He was so lovely too! But sadly has passed. This left a huge hole and Buddy was brought to fill the gap just a little.

He really is an angel. But sadly he started to show some signs of soreness despite being less than a year old. So he saw the vet.

X rays were taken and there was a suspicion of hip dysplasia. It is insanely common so this is of little surprise. That said, we are mindful that there are still other possibilities.

So we set to work on a muscle building plan. This does have its difficulties in such a young dog. Thier bodies are not fully formed and don’t have high levels of muscle yet anyway. So we had to make a plan sympathetic of his life stage.

He has taken to his plan well. There is already some improvement. We don’t expect miracles in just a week! We are thrilled with how well he has taken to his plan. He now has his updated plan and we will continue to monitor his progress!

Well done Bobby and mum!