Prehab Prehab, What the Heck is Prehab? – New online course

We are thrilled to share that our latest online course is now available. “Prehab prehab, what the heck is prehab?” – Our new online course.

Donna stands lecturing at the conference
Donna stands lecturing at the conference

Why did we write the course for Prehab?

This course was originally written and delivered for Vets Klinik, “Klinicon”. This was a brand new educational even for vets and nurses in 2022. I was Invited to speak at the even after I shared a “cuppa tea with the vets” with Adrian, the vet and director of Vets Klinic.

The event was brilliant and I received great praise for its delivery and content. It is a subject Donna feels very passionate about as its so important to start early and reduce problems arising, rather than wait for a problem to then try to fix.

Why do prehab?

This subject is of huge importance. Physio is often an unsung hero in the full recovery of a patient. Of course the surgery and the medicine is all important. But we need to work as a team! Without good engagement and sensible exercise programs that reflect the need and ability of the patient, at this time, the muscle is lost and the support for the structures it surrounds reduces. This muscle reduction and sometimes tendon and ligament strength, means the recovery will likely take longer for the patient and that leans longer for the owner too.

This has been common place for humans for years…

This is not new information. Most humans will get sent for physio as a first response to an orthopaedic problem like joint pain, or a strained muscle, ruptured ligament and much more. When awaiting surgery, which can sometimes take many months, they will see the physio to give them a home exercise plan to keep them fit and well in advance of the surgery. We know this improves their outcome and often also improves their mental state as well. Its very worrying waiting for surgery. our animals may not be worried, but their parents often are. This gives them hope and support as well.

There are many benefits to early physiotherapy and rehabillitaiton, and for prehabillitation. So don’t wait!

You can do this online course in your own time to learn more about the why and the how! Its is aimed at vets, nurses, any MSK practitioner, like physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, hydrotherapists and more

You can also Contact us if you would like to ask more about the course!