Today was a tough but necessary conference aimed at #BreakingTheLink

Naturewatch Foundation

I went with the lovely Tanya Crawley owner of Vets4Pets Swindon. I bumped into plenty of people I knew including vet and campaigner Marc Abrahams, OBE. He is so inspiring and working so hard to work with so many people to end animal and inturn, human, suffering. Marc has already achieved so much, and quite famously, he succeeded with Lucy’s law, which made puppy farming in the UK completely illegal.

The Naturewatch Foundation are an amazing charity raising awareness  for #breakingthelink . The link is between animal abuse and human abusers.

They are who hosted today’s conference. The aim if the conference was to raise awareness and share ideas and see if there could be solutions found to work towards.

There was a scary number of facts and its uncomfortable to hear. Though 1 incredible fact was that the RSPCA was founded to act against animal cruelty long before the NSPCC was founded to act on child abuse! It’s hard to imagine that the RSPCA was acting nearly 200 years ago! It’s both wonderful and sad that the animals have been protected for so long but still need protection 200 years on….

Another positive thing I learnt and want to share was that there is another amazing charity that has teamed with Cats Protection legue and dogs trust and others to provide a team of people that can collect the pets of abuse survivors in unmarked vans, totally descretly. This ensures the survivors don’t have to feel worry or fear for those animals and feel more freedom to get the help they need.


❤️ I think it’s important anyone in this situation can be aware of this, so share this information to anyone who is in need.