Weight loss celebrations!

Weight loss celebrations here at Animal physiotherapy Ltd! But we haven’t even had a chance to introduce these guys yet!

Meet Badger and Olive!

Badger is an amazing old boy. He just keeps going! He is 17y! He has been part of the Animal physiotherapy family for 6 months now. He is such a fighter

One of the things we know, is how important correct body weight is. And I mean, correct amount of fat being carried. I don’t like using these random guesstimate, based on what breed you are. It’s all about body conditions scoring.

Badger has been amazing and lost 13.1% body weight. At 10%, he was already doubling his quality of life. He smashed it!


We also have the gorgeous Olive. She has come due to having elbow dysplasia. She is so sweet and really very young.


So again,it was super imprompt to catch the weight early and it let it be a problem. We know that when you loose weight, it takes less calories to get back up to that increased place again, so sorting it out early and not ignoring it is super important.

I’m super proud to be able to so proactively motivated the mums and dad’s to getting the weight to a better place.

We certainly must give the most giant well done applause to the parents of these guys. It’s not easy!

Great work guys!