Welcome to Jack, latest pay it forward beneficiary

Welcome to Jack

Hello and welcome to Jack. This is quite a story! Bless his cotton socks!

Jack was a bit of a failed rescue story very sadly. He was likely a failed Irish sheepdog. So he was rehomed with a couple. However, in the first 7 weeks of them having him, he managed to slip his lead and run off. Each time he ran he stayed away progressively longer. It was getting colder and colder out too.

The last time he ran he was found by a neighbour.  But it wasn’t easy. She was not sure why she felt this connection, but she strongly felt she had to catch him and stop him from literally freezing to death.  He was missing for 7 days and when he was found, he was very local to the home, so if he had wanted to live with the new parents, he could have. But we will never know why he chose not to.

The neighbour spent time trying to build Jack’s trust. This wasn’t easy. In the end, she tried taking her dog out to see how this would work out. Turns out Jack loves another dog in his life and it gave him the confidence to get help and get caught.

So it was decided it was for the best to rehome Jack. He now has no home. The neighbour has taken on his care but doesn’t think she can keep him as his forever home as they have plans to leave the UK. Though the daughter is applying pressure! Bless her!

Once caught, it became evident that there were some possible problems in the hind end. The neighbour wasn’t sure if it was just due to him being so underweight and weak from the cold, but something wasn’t right.

So she reached out to us. We decided to help through the pay-it-forward scheme as Jack deserves to be set up well and have all his strength so he can find his new forever family.

We have given him a home plan to strengthen his hips and improve his muscle condition. He is an absolute sweetheart. Melted my heart completely. Everyone knows I’m a suckered for a border collie! But my house of broken biscuits is full.

We hope for a new wonderful home for Jack soon. Reach out if you think you may have some space for a nervous man, who loves other dogs but needs lots of love and cuddles to make him feel more confident in his life.

A huge well done to the amazing lady who dedicated so much of her life to saving this boy.

If you feel you have some money to spare, our pay it forward scheme is set up to help people who need help with their veterinary physio needs at this time.

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If you feel you need to access the funds, please also reach out and let us know more about the situation. If there is money in the pot and we can help, we will! Donna donates a full follow-up session to anyone who gets the initial paid for via the scheme