What do You Love About Physio with Janet Bain

When asked what she loved about physio during her Cuppa Tea With the Vet interview, Janet gave a really insightful answer. She talked about how medications always have side effects whereas physio doesn’t, which is a really important benefit of physio! See her full answer below:

What Janet Loves About Physio:

Yeah, I love that you don’t need to medicate an animal with physiotherapy. I think the fact that you can help them through movement is amazing. And I mean, every drug will have some form of potential side effect. So I think it’s so nice that we can help patients by referring them to a physiotherapist. I’ve been to physiotherapy and it helps so much that I feel we should be doing it more than we do. I think most vets: we don’t refer that much and I feel like we should.


Janet’s Biography:

After growing up abroad, I returned to the UK as a qualified vet. Working in small animal practices, while taking the exams to work in the US and pursuing an internship. I’m also passionate about helping new graduates find their space in clinic life.

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