Welcome to Nala


Hello and welcome to Nala.

This little beauty was already seeing a hydrotherapist. But us rehabbers love working as a team! Sometimes it’s not obvious what the problem is!

Nala was a very active little girl and still very able. But her highly observant mum could see she wasn’t quite right in the hind and was a little weak.

She came to us so we could all work as a team and get the best outcome. The vet was also part of this team.

We could figure out a few options for what was going on. But it wasn’t completly clear. So we set a safe home excercise plan to get some more muscle engagement in the hind. The hydro also continued.

We are thrilled to report that in just 3 sessions the hind was more activated and this was reflected in the home life. So the physio was finished unless needed again in the future.

Good work team! And that team included mum!