Cuppa Tea With the Vet next Podcast Episode with Serena Musto!

Serena is so lovely. It’s so wonderful when we find vets who are so happy. She has made it a point to be happy in her life and in her career. She has not held back either! She wanted to be a vet from the moment her dog gave birth to 9 puppies and she learnt to love those little furry blobs.

She came to the UK from Italy as she felt this was the place to be for the best career. Here she learnt to speak English in just 8 months! She did an internship and then gained a certificate in small animal medicine. She is not giving up learning. She is now doing a certificate in feline behaviour! 

Through all this she has also taken up gardening and loves to bake, though she admit, she isn’t to happy we don’t have the same flour as they do in Italy! Fair enough! She finally gave us her top tip for pain: recognise that there are life stages and make changes accordingly, and ask for help to recognise the pain and small changes that are signs you can easily miss. The professionals are here to help! 

What Serena Loves About Physio:

So I think what I love about it is that it can really improve quality of life. From a small injury like you know something the dog is recovering from, so you need to go back to a hundred percent up to in particular when we have senior dogs, senior cats or senior animals and if there is some sort of awareness – so the owner knows how to monitor what’s going on: knowing and then acting straight away so talking to the vet, make some changes in the house. It really changes the way they are, you know, living and dealing with that part of their life, which has to be in the same way they lived their puppy life… they need to be comfortable, happy eating, drinking, nothing because they’re old, is normal.

Serena’s Bio:

I am originally  from Italy and graduated in Naples in 2007. Right after graduation, I moved to Spain and worked as a small animal vet for 3 years.  In 2011, I moved to the UK to continue to grow professionally. I then gained a certificate in Small animal medicine and have been practicing as a GP vet since then. I am currently studying a ISFM Advance Feline behaviour course as I believe I  can help owners to better understand their cats so they can live happier and better together. For the past two years, I have been diversifying into telemedicine which has improved my work-life balance as well as covering occasional shifts as a Locum vet to continue my job in clinical practice with less pressure. In my spare time I cook and bake for myself and friends and I am growing my own veggies!

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