Lecturing about Prehab at Vet Klinicon

Donna had an amazing time lecturing at Vet Klinicon!

It was the first of these events and hopefully will continue offering CPD to the vet profession.

The feedback was amazing.  It was well received.

Donna decided to lecture on prehab. She felt everyone now knows to use physio and that it is an amazing tool for a care plan. So she wanted to teach where it is further use!

Prehabilitation is used hugely in the human sector. It needs to be used more in the Animal field. Its important to see that it help prepare both owner, and patient. We know that better muscle condition before the operation will help improve the outcome of the patient afterwards!

Surgery is not an illness. We can prepare for it and so we should keep this in mind!

If you would like to book Donna for this lecture, “prehab, prehab, what the heck is prehab!” Then contact us!