Cuppa Tea With the Vet Podcast With Luis Sousa

We had a cuppa tea with Luis Sousa. He was so interesting. He is from Portugal and decided to come over here to work as he felt we are the most passionate about our animal love. We agree! 

He is incredibly knowledgeable. He did a masters in manuka honey and wound healing in diseases that we can catch from animals! It was very favourable. He also shared that we must be careful to buy medical grade manuka honey, as apparently 3 times the amount of manuka honey is sold globally, than actually produced. This means that our honey is getting cut with other honey. Donna asked if other honey was just as good. The evidence is still out on that for sure, but so far it looks like manuka honey is better, though no one is sure why. So fascinating! 

Luis has a lot of passion for the vet world and wants to see an NHS type system for the animals. He loves consulting and now loves that he only consults in his working life as he works for first vet, a telemedicine company. 

Luis tells us why he loves physio:

I have a rabbit that has arthritis. Really, really bad arthritis. We’d started him on a new drug cocktail, literally last week, because sometimes he gets tired and starts dragging his back legs. And watching physio work on him, because we took him to physio, was like a revelation moment where you’re like, “oh, so there is no need for drugs”. Sometimes you actually can achieve very good results with physio. I was sold after that. After actually seeing it work properly. And he is a good rabbit. So I don’t know if most rabbits would tolerate physio quite as well as he does because he is quite a confident rabbit. But with him yeah, he did the exercises fine. He did the treadmill fine. Even did some acupuncture which was cool. And yeah, in a couple of weeks and he regained a lot of mobility which is nice. I really, really, really liked the results.

Luis’ Bio:

“My name is Luis, I am Portuguese by birth, but have chosen to be Welsh for the past 3 years. I started my journey as a vet in the UK in the meat industry but made the jump to small animal practice very quickly. Earlier this year I decided to be a telemedicine consultant full time.”

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