Amazing Hugo lost 12.8% bodyweight!

Amazing Hugo lost 12.8%body weight!

Amazing Hugo lost 12.8%body weight!

Whoop whoop!!!

Mr Hugo actually still have more weight to loose! But I’m so proud of his parents for staying strong and working on the body weight!

It’s paying off!

He has returned to his old exercise levels, rarely has any lameness and is such a happy man!

What is incredible, is you would never have thought he had 10% to loose, but here we are and still can’t feel the ribs!

But the waistline has returned and his colleagues is crazy too big!

Well done mum!

Remember! 6% loss in a dog that has this to loose, give the same level of pain relief as giving your Nsaid pain relief, like Metecam! How natural is that!

10% body weight loss in those that have this to loose, doubles your quality of life!!!

Sadly, 85% of dogs in the UK are over weight. 96% of owners can’t identify good body weight… don’t panic as no one will expect you to know. Just ask for help and guidance.