Cuppa Tea With the Vet – Adrian Caunter Episode Now Available as Podcast

Adrian was really fun to talk to. He is no stranger to the lime light, as he set up VetsKlinic with some of the original vet school vets! We heard about how VetsKlinic has had an innovative way of running that allows appointments to be cheaper at cheaper times of the day. They are now about to roll their clinics out to Reading and Bristol. How exciting! 

Adrian has a wonderful kind soul and loves working with cats, a greek charity, embracing staff progression and supporting new grads. This is all highly commendable. 

We learnt that poor Adrian managed to break his hip and lay stranded for 2 hours in the countryside before he was found! I think I am traumatised from that story! He has also operated on a hamster who had a womb infection and a mouse that needed a limb amputation! Amazing!  

If he never became a vet he would have been a chef. But he is so engrossed in being a vet, that he even had a dream once that he had a caesarean section, was opened out by a super vet and then gave birth to a litter of puppies! Well, that really is eat, sleep and live your profession!

What Adrian Loves About Physio:

Well, this is a really interesting point and I was having a chat today with a friend who is a physio. She’s joined us recently at the clinic but she’s come to learn to be a nurse. She’s not doing physio work currently. And I had a really interesting chat with her because I feel like we’re at the stage now, do correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like any resistance in terms of embracing and growing and everything that physio can do, it may be we’re at the point now where it’s the profession that’s holding it back, not the public and not you guys, right?

I think there’s historically this thing of physio, right? This dog has a cruciate injury, we fixed it’s cruciate, it goes to physio, right. I just think that’s a really small part of what you guys can offer. And I think a much bigger one is, and this is one of the ways I see the profession changing over the next 10 years: is a lot of the stuff that was historically veterinary based work is going to come away from us. We’re not going to be a one man band working out of the practice anymore. We’re going to be practices like the Klinic, big ones where we offer urgent and emergency care and a lot of all that other stuff around it, is going to move on to the paraprofessional. So the management of an older dog and arthritic dog especially or cat we’ll be involved in that, but you guys are going to be doing so much more of it.

I think, you know, what you can offer is so much more than what we can offer. We’ve got the drugs but there’s way much more to it than that. So that for me is very exciting and kind of where seeing where that goes and embracing that moving forward really.


Adrian’s Biography:

Adrian is the Clinical Director of VetsKlinic – a large innovative practice in Swindon and has over 15 years of experience in the profession across a variety of roles. He is now working to roll out this unique vision for pet care across the Southwest and change what it means to visit or work in a Vet practice for the whole industry.

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