Pay it Forward Scheme Helps Again!

Today we helped Kenny. Thank you to all our wonderful donors who have given to the pay it forward scheme!

Kenny Background:

Kenny is a beautiful Mini Dachshund. Sadly, he had a poor start in life. He was abused by his first owner. Kenny breeder was contacted by the owner to collect him as they told her Kenny had bitten a child. When she went to collect him, she saw Kenny was seriously underweight, stuck in a cage and had been kicked. She took Kenny with her and found a new special owner.

Kenny is now in a loving home and has been restored to great health. However, he then sadly developed IVDD, Intervertebral disk disease. This may have been coming on for some time but the poor start in life won’t have helped.

Kenny mum was devastated as she was by now not in the best position to deal with the cost of this care.

Kenny mum was, like so many, a financial victim of the corona virus. During the first wave she was made redundant. In that time, she had to make significant changes and incurred lots of debt. One of the many things she could no longer afford was the pet insurance premiums. So that was stopped for her 3 dogs. Thankfully she has now got a job but she is still having to take time paying off her debt, which she is keen to do before she hits retirement.

His mum did as much home research as she could and many people offered her ideas. She was thrilled to learn that Cambridge university, the Queens Veterinary Hospital, was doing a study on conservative management. She was thrilled to learn that Kenny was successfully taken on as a candidate for the programme. This meant she could avoid surgery.

So, Kenny is now receiving physio therapy to get him through his rehab program. Kenny has received help for bills and has a go fund me page, but he was also put forward for our pay it forward scheme.

As part of the pay it forward scheme, people have donated funds to cover his first session and we are donating a follow up session.

More About the Pay it Forward Scheme:

If you would like to donate to this scheme, to help out an animal in need, you can do so here! Any amount is truly welcome as it will all add up.  We really look forward to being able to help someone else in need!

If you want to know more about the history of paying it forward read more here

Thank you so much to all our donors. As you can see, it makes a huge difference to our recipients!

Good luck to Kenny: we hope your recovery continues well and that your family finds the happiness and luck they deserve!

To follow his progress, you can see updates on his (and his 2 dog sisters Dolly and Jolene) Instagram page: @dollyparton_kennyrogers_md