Leslie Eide Tells Donna What She Loves About Physio

Last May, Donna was joined by Leslie Eide, having had Leslie nominated by fellow vet Barbara Riner who had herself appeared on Cuppa Tea With the Vet. Leslie is so driven in her field. She is a vet, a vet physio and a canine fitness instructor. She loves behaviour and agility. 

In her full interview, which you can watch here, we also learnt her other side. Who would ever have thought she would have studied with the dream of being a museum curator and doing European economics! Well we are glad she had a change of heart as she is flourishing in her field and we all benefit from her knowledge as she is a regular lecturer for online pet health.

Leslie once had a dream to be a cheerleader, but she remained a swimmer and those lessons she learnt in high level competitive swimming have paid dividends in her world now. 

The physio/vet rehabber community is a relatively small one but globally it has some incredible people in it. We are all coming together and making friends. Covid has shrunk the world which is quite amazing. 

Leslie tells Donna what she loves about Physio:

Therapeutic exercise is kind of my jam! I think the biggest thing, so what turned me onto it, was the sports aspect. I was already doing sports with my dogs, I’d come from a big sports background, but also the fact that there’s a huge behaviour aspect, and I originally went to that school because I thought I wanted to be a vet behaviourist and I found that doing physio I got to combine my love for sports and my love for behaviour all in one thing.


Leslie Eide’s Biography:

Dr. Leslie graduated from CSU Veterinary School in 2006. She has completed courses in canine medical massage, rehabilitation, and trigger point therapy. Practice limited to sports medicine and rehabilitation for the past 4 years. Laser, therapeutic ultrasound, E-stim, Trigger Point Therapy, and Conditioning Training available. She had been competing in dog agility since 2002

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