Welcome to Luna

Welcome Luna

Hello and welcome to Luna. Such a cute Chow! Very much Chow in behaviour! Cute, stubborn and a diva! Bless her!

She has come to have her hip dysplasia pain reduced. We know physio is great for hip dysplasia. Less and less dogs are getting hip replacements for this hereditary disease because physio is so successful to fix the problem!

We can’t and claim to be able to change the bone structure, but we can build up the muscle bulk so that the muscle now supports the joint properly and keeps the hip functioning correctly. We know that it’s muscle weakness that allows the hip to pop out of place in a dog with dysplasia.

We are thrilled to report that Luna is doing wonderfully and like so many of our other hip dysplasia cases, she is thriving and has avoided surgery.

Well done mum, dad and Luna for following the plan so well!