Cuppa Tea With the Vet S3E4 with Silvia Janska

Silvia is crazy passionate about everything she turns her hand to! She clearly loves life! She has embraced and run with it all!

From saving bears in her home country Slovakia, to saving vets in the UK and saving the planet! She has a dedicated team to help her achieve her goals.

Silvia shared that she wanted to empower flexible working in veterinary to help vets stay in love with the career they dedicated their life to achieve! She also volunteers with Vet sustain. This is a group who are working towards making veterinary more eco. Not just in thinking about all the tons of consumables that is used daily, but also in terms of drugs that may not be needed. These then end up in the water system and then back in the human! What a crazy thought!

Being more eco has been close to Donna’s heart for years and she has a plastic free champion award for her business. She is also a drop off for plastic pet food packaging and blister packs for her clients.

We wish Silvia all the luck in the world with these enormous visions. Highly commendable!

You can use it as a preventative thing as well as a treatment and it’s a great complimentary thing… complimentary to your surgery, medications, all of the stuff that vets do. You’d be missing out on half the treatment if you didn’t have physios or all the other part of the team that help the animal to recover… if it’s say a post-surgery physio. It’s just somebody that I can work with. I’m by no means somebody who’s like “oh I know it all”: I need a team, I’m such a team person.  

Silvia Janská BSc(Hons) MSc BVetMed PgCertVBM MRCVS Biography:

“I obtained a BSc in Veterinary Science and a MSc in Wild Animal Biology prior to graduating with a vet degree from the RVC in 2014. Throughout my 8-year education at the RVC, I also worked in their e-Media department on various projects that enhanced student learning. After graduating I completed an equine internship and obtained a Certificate in Veterinary Business Management from the University of Liverpool. I have a portfolio career working as an ambulatory equine vet, consulting within the animal health industry (, and running a start-up (Flexee, that looks at flexible working for permanent vet employees. On the volunteer side, I am a SPVS board member, and a member of the Greener Veterinary Practice working group for VetSustain”

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