Victoria Phillips on Cuppa Tea With the Vet Podcast Episode 7

Cuppa Tea With the Vet S1 E7 is now available to listen to on Spotify! This week we interviewed Vet Victoria Phillips MRCVS.

It was amazing to learn so much about her! She has been so busy!

I first met Victoria when she was a general practice vet in Forest House Veterinary Group, Windsor. She was ambitious then but I had no idea how far she would go….I did know she loved to travel though!

Victoria has managed to turn her love of travel and welfare into her full time job. She is a vet working for SPANA. This is a charity caring for working animals. This is a very difficult subject as no one wants to see suffering. But poverty is rife globally and that impacts on how animals are treated anywhere on the planet. Her Victoria has dedicated her veterinary to teaching owners how to care for their animals and treat them where needed.

Cuppa Tea with the Vet - Victoria Phillips
Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Victoria Phillips

When Donna asked her what she loves about physio, Victoria raised the important point about mental stimulation and how physio can aid animals who are currently limited in the physical work they can do.

Thank you for a fantastic interview Victoria!

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