Danny Chambers on S1E8 of Cuppa Tea With the Vet Podcast

Yet another amazing Cuppa Tea with the Vet! We chatted to Danny Chambers. He is incredible and so passionate about everything!

Cuppa Tea with the Vet - Danny Chambers!_Moment
Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Danny Chambers!

Danny grew up on a farm and couldn’t decide wither to be a doctor or vet. He found his true and full passion by becoming an animal vet, but realising that he could also help people too!

Danny has an incredible passion for justice and politics and making changes in the world. He was a real inspiration. Thank you to Victoria, our last vet, for nominating him!

He is a very well respected Equine Vet at Equicall and he has done so much for the profession: He is a council member for the RCVS and had chaired meetings at the BVA that have led to huge important changes in animal welfare!

Amazingly, he also ran for MP and would have been the first vet in parliament on over 100 years!

He believes strongly in science and evidence to make evidence based decisions.

What Do You Love About Physio? Danny answers:

And I think that a lot of people are on unnecessary medication and pain killers and its the same for animals, and they wouldn’t have them if they had physio….

…having an expert who can tell you how to fix yourself drug free! Which is what we want – side effect free!

Danny Chambers, MRCVS

Thank you for another, incredibly inspiring interview, Danny!

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