“What Do You Love About Physio?” – Victoria Phillips Answers

Victoria spoke to Donna in her Cuppa Tea with a Vet interview last year – she is an incredibly ambitious as a person and has therefore achieved a lot! To find out more about this impressive vet’s life, you can see her full interview here.

When Donna asked her what she loves about physio, Victoria raised the important point about mental stimulation and how physio can aid animals who are currently limited in the physical work they can do.

There is so many benefits for a whole range of conditions

Speeds recovery, gives owners something to do and they want to be involved!

The animals often really enjoy it….as they often aren’t getting the normal level of exercise that they normally get. So the physiotherapy also gives them mental stimulation as well as a bit of exercise. This makes them calmer in the home.

Victoria Phillips
Victoria Phillips

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