“What do You Love About Physio?” – Christabel Moseley

Christabel was the first vet to speak to Donna in her second series of “Cuppa Tea With the Vet” interviews and was a fantastic way to kick off the new series. She is a strong believer in the Multimodal approach and understand there are many different treatments that can compliment each other and aid a patient’s recovery.

I love the multimodal approach to anything musculoskeletal. Its got to be a multimodal approach. I think it took the profession a long time to realise that.

It’s not just a case of giving pills and hoping for the best. You have got to try all the different modalities. The acupuncture comes into that, the hydrotherapy, physio, nutrition, everything!

All the facets coming together, that gives the animal the best chance the the best Quality to life.

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