Welcome to Casper

Casper felt this was his best side!

Hello and welcome to Casper. This Bischon is so sweet and pampered and loved!

He has some very dedicated owners who definitly got the gold star award!

He was referred for luxating patella. This takes a lot of owner dedication for 12 weeks, to really know if the conservative management approach will work.

We set Casper and mum up with a home plan that imcluded gradual muscle building and plenty of ice packs

I am thrilled to report that Casper graduated from physio camp. There was a small blip in the middle where it looked like it wasn’t working as well as the patella started luxating more frequently. But mum pulled up her socks. She was determined for it to work.

She got back on top of the problem and the luxations reduced again and they have now stopped completly.

It will take time to work out the maintenance program needed to keep these knee caps in place, but we are thrilled we have achived it and so this dog has avoided surgery.

Well done mum and Casper!