Meet the Vet Receptionist! Zoe Jones



Donna interviewed Zoe, a veterinary receptionist in Vets4pets, Swindon
Zoe has a degree in forensic biology, but Covid left a dilemma in employment. She decided to apply to be a vet receptionist and couldn’t be happier. 

It was so interesting to learn more about the role, how involved it is with animals and how it can progress to be your dream job. It’s limited only by your imagination. A good boss will help you fly in the role. 

There has been a crisis in the veterinary reception role as covid has taken its toll. The frontline team have had a hard time from upset owners. We can well understand it. It’s been very hard for everyone to leave their pet at the door, but this is hardest for the parent. But it is interesting to hear how this is taken to heart in the staff too. 

Watch this interview to learn more about your veterinary receptionist and gets tips if you fancy a career change. 

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