10% off Innopet dog strollers/buggies from petsownus.co.uk

Why is 10% off innopet dog stroller/buggies from pets own us so exciting? Well, Donna recently had to find an answer to a problem not many of us consider when we bring home our furry friends for the first time: what do we do and how can we help them, when they get older?

We wouldn’t think twice if we saw an elderly person on a mobility scooter, or using a walking stick, yet animals, just like us humans, find movement harder as they age as well. But like us humans, this doesn’t mean that they no longer want to be able to go outside and continuing experiencing life.

Thankfully, we live in a day and age where technology is on our side!

When one of Donna’s beloved dogs began to struggle with longer walks, she started looking into solutions and came across “Innopet”. Donna explains in her own words:

I have always felt buggies are a really good idea, but many owners feel embarrassed to use them or worry it may be difficult to use. I understood this fully. But tried my best to support them into getting one anyway. 

Now my dog has turned 15 and we limit his walks so he doesn’t overdo it. But this has impacted on our family time as long family walks have always been a big part of our lives, so it was our turn to get a buggy.

We got a large buggy as we have both an old collie and a 3 legged collie who is 6 and also needs caution. 

This was utterly life changing. We now can go anywhere again and not need to worry about whether it’s too far or will I have to carry my dog at some point! We feel the freedom! The added bonus is we can also stick the picnic bag in there too!

On a cold day we take a few blankets so we can wrap Logan up if he gets cold from not doing the walking. But we can also get him out a little later after a rest. He definitely likes that part.  Like so many humans, his head is willing but his body isn’t up for the job it used to be. We would still take granny out and wouldn’t limit her just because she can’t walk far or fast, so let’s do the same for our dogs!

Out for a family stroll with the buggy

Where to find your Innopet dog buggy

Donna contacted  www.petsownus.co.uk who sell Innopet buggies asking if they would be willing to consider offering her clients a discount and they kindly offered a 10% discount on buggies. They suggested that those who could benefit have a look at their range at  https://www.petsownus.co.uk/collections/luxury-dog-strollers-dog-pram-uk and email [email protected] answering the following questions, so that they can send customised recommendations on the best suited stroller for their dog, as it can be quite overwhelming to choose one.

  1. What breed is your dog?
  2. How much does your dog weigh?
  3. What kind of terrain do you need a dog stroller for-  off road/ urban pavements/ both?
  4. Are you particularly tall or short? Do you need an adjustable handle for walking?
  5. Are you going to use the dog stroller as a jogger?
  6. Does your pooch need a low to the ground entrance to enter/ exit the dog stroller either because you can’t pick him/her up or because your pooch can jump?
  7. Are you interested in a dog stroller and bike trailer or dogs stroller only?

How to get your 10% discount

Just use the code “animalphysio” at the check out. It’s that simple!

There are many different buggies out there. Donna Chose Innopet Hercules and thinks it’s wonderful! 

Both Donna’s dogs love the buggy!