Vet Rehabbers from around the World – Barbara Riner

Barbara joined us all the way from Switzerland for our 4th installment of Vet Rehabbers from around the world.

We caught up with the Lovely Barbara Riner, an animal physiotherapist in Switzerland. Barbara has been an independent physiotherapist for 30 years. Ten years ago she studied canine physiotherapy and the CCFT. Her specialty in dogs is postoperative rehabilitation and geriatric patients. She is a lecturer at the college for holistic veterinary medicine.
It was so lovely to find out all about being an animal physio in Switzerland. What was super shocking was how euphoric she painted Switzerland. I had no idea how many languages were involved there. As a British person, we learn how important Switzerland is and how neutral it is. But it was incredible to learn how happy they also were! Ecen arthritis is seemingly not a huge issue there. This may well correlate with the fact that obesity is not really an issue either. 
There are all the usual sports for the dogs that we are used to, but also an earthquake rescue team! Seems odd since they don’t have earthquakes of their own! 
It was a truly wonderful conversation. Barbara upgraded from working only on humans and she is thrilled to have done so. 

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