Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Marc Abraham

This week Donna was very excited to have this kind vet join us. Marc Abraham is quite a famous face who brought Lucy’s law into being and you are likely to have seen him on the news!

It’s incredibly important… It’s unbelievable the effect of animal physiotherapy. When you see that… It’s mind blowing.

Donna had an incredibly inspirational chat with Vet campaigner Marc Abraham on Cuppa Tea with the vet. It was amazing to see how a normal vet can be so inspired by suffering, that he felt he had to dedicate 10 years of his life to bringing in new laws to end it! 

Marc and his incredible team brought us Lucy’s law to end Puppy farming and selling through third party sellers. Now you can only legally buy from the breeder themselves or rescue. This is life changing for the poor mothers and puppies who have suffered. 

Well done Marc! 

He has achieved so much including Pup aid and he has been able to get so many celebrities to support him! 

He has had moments where he was also awestruck by the houses of parliament, and he shared a wonderful story where he did an impromptu speech on the steps outside number 10, not knowing that was not allowed! 

Marc also shared an incredible story about his grandmother, and how he is a third generation refugee from a granny who escaped the holocaust! 
Find out more including how you can campaign and really make a difference to anyone in the world, by watching our show. 

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Marc Abrahams Biography:

Vet, campaigner, author, led the Lucy’s Law campaign to victory, and helped the Prime Minister find his rescue dog Dilyn!

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EFRA Evidence Submission that Marc referred to: Impromptu speech on steps of No.10:

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