Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Danny Chambers!



We are so thrilled to announce our next Cuppa Tea vet is the amazing Danny Chambers!

Danny Chambers
Danny Chambers

People in the Veterinary world may well know this name and face! He is very active on a Veterinary forum.

He has an incredible CV. We are really hoping to get political and that other vets will get involved with this show!

Danny has been a farm vet and is currently an Equine vet with Equicall. He has also chaired a BVA meeting which led to a movement called the #chooseassured campaign. This encourages consumer to remember, purchasing food is voting with thier wallets. You are saying I like this and I want to support this please keep it comming. BVA want to help the buyer make informed decisions and understand welfare, so a “vote” really does represent what the consumer view is. This is such great news! Well done Danny!


Further to this, he is also an RCVS council member. Ask him what thats like! Such an influential role. The RCVS is the governing body who holds vets and Registered nurses to account. They ensure we are working within legal and safe rules and keeing our profession to the highest standard! Well done Danny!

Running for MP!

As if all of that was not enough, Danny also ran for MP with the Libral Democrats last year! Sadly he didn’t win, but its a tough fight for a Lib Dem. If he made it, he would have been the first vet in parliament in over a century!

Do you want to know how to choose meat ethically? What does Danny think of Chlorinated Chicken? What would he do about meat import? Whats it like being on the RCVS council? Or whats it like being a farm or equine vet right now?

This will be an exciting Cuppa Tea! So join us next Wednesday 29th on our Facebook or you tube channel. Ask questions! Get involved! 7pm!

So much to find out!