Welcome to King!


Hello and welcome to king. Possibly one of the most docile dogs in the world. This Japanese akita is a massive boy and so insanely chilled!

Sadly over his later year he has started to strugle and look weaker. The vet diagnosed degenerative myleopathy. This is a genetive disease that is not treatable.

However we can slow it down and we can make life more comfortsble. We are thrilled to add that this was picked up really early so changes made in the early stages will impact our success!

One of the big important changes for this disease is not to over fatigue the muscles. Fatigue here can make the disease progress faster.

Its always hard to get your head around changes needed to life style. We help support the whole journey as we know how hard it can be for any parent to hear that changes need to be made. We then need to reflect and make sure those changes are good for the patient mentally too.

The process of physio is broad and lots eliments need to be concidered.

King is doing really well. Well done king, mum and dad!