Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Tanya Crawley!



Meet Tanya Crawley of Vets4pets Swindon! Find out everything you ever wanted to know about her! She has plenty of ambition but no time to think about it! She has a zillion adoring clients, so much so that she had to open 2 clinics to keep them all happy! Tanya has weird dreams and would love to Swim the Channel, but she will never get around to that! We all share her desire to speak to David Attenborough!

Watch Tanya Crawleys Interview!

We are thrilled that this show has become so popular! We are thrilled to give clients a chance to say thank you to their vets! We are loving seeing the wonderful new questions from our wonderful audience. Its incredible to learn so much about these wonderful people and what makes them tick!

Its amazing loving our vets and so incredible how much they are all different! Proving how important it is to get to know them!

Thank you for joining us Tanya! And all our previous vets! See our Vlogs page to see all out videos and also our cuppa tea with Jo and Jenny!