Cuppa Tea With The Vet – Jo Headly!



We are still in shock about how amazing our very first Cuppa Tea with the Vet went! As a result we are thrilled to announce this will be a perment segment roughly every 2 weeks (vets are hard to nail down!). For episode 2 we have the amazingly dedicated Jo Headly MRCVS owner of Sunninghill Veterinary Center!

So come and Join us at 6.30 on Wednesday (22nd) and have a Cuppa with the vet! You can ask the questions you want to know the answer to and get up close and personal with Jo. Its so important wee love and trust the vet we have taken the time to choose for our most beloved family member!

On our first episode we had Jenny, Head of Bracken Veterinary Center. She was a total star and completly enjoyed the time. She shared lots of awesome information about herself, her history, and answered many viewers questions along the way! So if you missed, you can catch up and you can also ask you questions to Jo Live on Wednesday! All from our Animal Physiotherapy Ltd Facebook page. You can even come along and nominate any vet ouf your choice, to join us for a future Cuppa!

We look forward to seeing you soon Jo!

Jo Headly, Founder of Sunninghill Veterinary Center