Cuppa Tea with the vet!



Cuppa tea with the vet! A new exciting stream where you can come and have a chat with the vet. Meet the human behind the vet! For our first meet the vet, was chatting with Jenny, head vet of Bracken veterinary center! This was a live broadcast from our facebook page.

We intend to do more of these so come like and follow our page so you can be involved and ask questions at the next one. You can also nominate your vet to come and join us for a cuppa and a chat too!

Its so easy to forget there is a human behind the vet title. We want to let you see the human and find some real deep trust in your vet, who is part of your family care team. We believe that a strong and deep trust creates the most heart warming bond. We know that in those scary moments, when your pet is sick, it is impossible to think straight. We know that at that moment, you need to know you can trust your vet to have your pets best interests at heart and also know that they understand you as an owner too.

Watch our interviews and you decide who you want to trust with the most precious thing in your life, your family.