Welcome to poppy

Poppy, luxating patella

Hello and welcome to Poppy. What a sweet little one.

Sadly she has been diagnosed with her knee caps dislocating. Also known as luxating patella. Her’s was a grade 4, so the worst grade you can have. Ouch!

She was also found to have a damage ligament at the same time. Her cruciate ligament.

So in one large surgery she had both repaired.

Sadly she didnt regain use of the leg. It was a big surgery, so everyone hoped it would pass…sadly not. So she was then sent to us for physio. Ideally we would love to crack on with physio early, but its not always possible and we are happy to help at any point during recovery.

So we started her on a plan to start to stretch out the limb and encourage more confidence and reduce and pain.

Sadly it revealed that the who issue was far more serious than was expected. But it was good to know this as all information is useful. So we reported back to the vet and had a wondeful chat to discuss the plan.

Poppy had been taken back in for investigation. We will then resume her plan and work with her to regain limb use.

This may seem like a sad story, but its not. Its a story of great team work. A great vet happy to listen to all the views and adapt the care plan. Bodies are not all the same and they often havn’t read the manual! A great set of parents doing as they are told for the good of thier dog. And a great rehabber able to help with further investigation to add information to the pot. Together we are a great team for Poppy and will get her the best outcome for a sad situation that was pretty ouch from the start.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and vets😊