Welcome to Penny


Hello and welcome to Penny such a sweet pointer. She really does melt the heart. She is a rescue and spent along time in the vets due to her abdomen being infected and in a terrible state, with so much scarring inside.

The amazing vets got her sorted and the nurse decided to take her home as she fell in love with her. She made a wonderful recovery. However she has remained having an intermittent lameness on her hind limb.

On exam it was not clear to the vets, the cause of the lameness, so they referred for physio to see if we could find anything more. She is a very stoik dog and hides everything well. But we did find some responces and feel the lameness is related to the admoninal scaring.

We set her up with a program of regularly home massage and reduced walks, gradually rebuilding.

We are thrilled to say it has gone really well! The only lameness seen now is when she has a naughty moment and plays like a crazy loon, with her boyfriend. Well, we can’t begrudge her that!

She is doing really well. Keep up the good work mum, dad and Penny!