Welcome to Dino

Hypoextended carpi
The fore limbs won’t straighten properly

Hello and welcome to Dino. Such a daring rescue puppy! His poor front legs grew in a disorganised fashion. This meant the soft tissue didn’t grow as fast as the bones, causing the wrists to not be able to fully extend. Whilst not common, it is a known condition.

The condition is not life threatening, but has an impact on life. Poor Dino was often tripping over. This can of course bring its own series of issues

So Dino was referred to physio. We started him on massage and stretching. We set mum and dad up with this too, so it could be done regularly at home. One excercise we wanted to add, was encouraging play bow as this was a natural movement most puppies do, that would stretch the Carpi. However this was difficult as we first needed to teach the poor thing how to play bow. Sadly, he was rescue, and it was clear he had not learnt all he needed to off his mother and siblings.

We got there. His parents were gold star home therapists and he did everything he needed to do! Well done Dino! We had him fixed for Christmas! What a gift!

Wrists now straight!
Good carpi!