Welcome to Sally


Hello and welcome to sally. This is such a cute but super nervous mongrel. We so rarely see a good old Heinz 57 these days.

This is a rescue and certainly seems to have some stories to tell.

She has been referred as the vet found her hips to be deformed in a very unusual way, causing the hip to be displaced. This means the limb effected is shorter and there are also some patella issues and muscle .

So we have done our assessment and set up a plan. This includes changing the home regime to one more suitable to a comfy limb. We have also to build up muscle in that limb.

So far, sally is doing well. She is already chasing more squirrels and is more keen to fun. This may not be ideal, but the willingness is a good tion that she is feeling better.

Keep up the good work mum amd Sally!