Welcome to Percy


Hello and welcome to cutie Percy! He even came in all smart with his red bow tie!

This poor little man has had a very mild intermittent lameness. He copes well, but his mum wanted to ensure it ws sorted out as she doesn’t want him in discomfort.

She saw the vet who sadly found nothing. This is not totally unusual when its a really mild issue. Due to it being so mild, mum was not keen for an anaesthetic.

So percy was referred for a physio exam. Its great when us physios and can work together for the best outcome for the patient.

We did our exam and found a very mild shoulder issue. We discussed this with the vet and formed a plan of excercises to begin.

This dog has many people in his daily life so it was a challange to set a plan that can be dynamic.

So far we are not on top of the problem, so we are going to the next step, of further investigation, which does mean he will need an anaesthetic. But at least we tried, and most importantly, we havn’t dragged it out fo too long before more investigation instigated.

We look forward to the results. Not every issue is easily diagnosed. But a good team is the best plan.

Keep up the good work mum and Percy!