Welcome to Star


Hello and welcome to star. This is a real sweetie and not too much to tell!

Star had a highly vigilant and caring mum who wants nothing for the best for her furbabies.

She does agility with them and likes to ensure they are in the best condition, even though its all for fun and love.

So she has come for physio as historically she has had luxating patellas. She has also been doing lots of things to help with this ailment in the past too.

So we did our assessment and found the patellas to be quite stable at this time. This was great news for mum as she could breath a sigh of relief.

So we set up with a regime to maintian the muscle bulk and stability and preserve all the good work. But we also made sure the regime was achieivable so there was not too much to do on a daily basis.

Star is doing really well. Keep up the good work mum and Star!