Welcome to Nelly


Hello and welcome to Nelly. This very cute labrador has elbow disease. Also know as elbow dysplasia and developmemtal elbow disease.

This is incredibly common and its severity varies. It is a nasty dysfunction of the elbow that leads to pain, cartilage damage and eventually arthitis. Getting help early is essential.

Nelly did have her elbow arthroscopy, where they go into the joint with a camera and clean out any damamged tissue. But she was still lame afterwards. This is quite comon as sometimes the damamge is so severe by the time surgery is done.

So she was sent to us for physio. We work on maintaining joint range of movement and strength which will support the joint. All this provides comfort and pain relief.

Nelly now has her home regine and is improving.

Keep up the good work Nelly and family!