Welcome to Chloe


Hello and welcome to Chloe. Such a sweet newfoundland x collie. She is such a cheeky bean though…she demands her cuddles and really shouts when you stop! Bless her!

Poor thing has been though the ringer in her life. She has had bladder cancer and chemo. Which worked really well and she has now finished that treatment. But her issue now is her arthritis. This is mainly in her hips and knees. She is sore from this.

So have set her up with a home regime that is more managable. Her regime does include weightloss as it is such an imperitive part of the procress for pain free living. The added challange for her is that her history of being proded and poked for her bladder issues mean she is back end shy. So we are taking our time and ensuring she is happy. Dogs have incredible memory and we are more recognising how these memories shape us and our behavours. This is true of our animals too. This extends to stress which can impact thier lives and increase pain perception. So there are many factors to take into account.

Chloe is already feeling better. But as arthritis does go in flare ups, it is usual for her to have better and worse days. As treatment progresses we will see less bad and more good.

Keep up the good work chloe and dad!