We are off to help rehabillitate elephants!

Elephant rehabillitation
Elephant rehabillitation

We are very proud to announce that we are soon to be leaving to Thailand to help rehabilitate elephants!

Don’t panic, we only go for 1 week, so we will be back in action soon! So you can still contact us, but the voicemail will direct you to email us for the week.

A team of veterinary osteopaths and physiotherapists have been put together by the lovely Tony Nevin of zoo ost. We are so proud to be able to put our skill towards such an amazing cause and to work together to do a beautiful thing for these amazing animals.

We know what you are thinking! How in earth do you do physio on an elephant!? Well, yes it won’t be the usual pattern of see them, feel them, pull them into positions. But remember, we are skilled at being able to treat all animals. And there are even some domestic cats who refuse to be touched, but we can still give an effective program of treatment. We can use thier own natural movements to our advantage and encourage them to move in a way, that might encourage muscle engagment of an area they have been avoiding. In doing so, they start using that area again, and trusting that it is possible. As its used more, it gains strength and they rely on it more. This inturn results in more healthy movement and thier whole body benefits from this. End result is reduced pain. This can be done for tigers or any other animal you can think of. Donna wills, founder of animal physiotherpy ltd, has ran several CPD events, teaching physios how to do physio on more unusal species, so this will enhance that training further. If you have interest in learning more on treating other species (most commonly its rabbits and cats that you’ll see as aside from the usual dog or horse) then contact us for more information.

Its so important to help these animals out. Regardless of whos fault it is that they are in the situation, its important that we take the time to help fix it.

Watch this space for more updates on how its all going! Thank you Tony for organising it!