Welcome to Archie


Hello and welcome to Archie. Such a sweetie. These young boys do get themselves in trouble at times and Archie is no acception.

Archie was in an accident and was hit by a car. Poor thing had his pelvis seriously broken. The vets questioned weather it was right to keep on trying to save his life.

But archie was a fighter and so were his parents. He made an astonishing recovery and was sent to us for physiotherapy to ensure as best recovery as possible.

Your pelvis hold your power limbs so its very important we get the recovery timed correctly.

We are so pleased to report that Archie is recovering so well! Sadly he has other ideas about his recovery rate and its hard to keep him calm. But its important we ensure the pelvic bones heal well before he is allowed to go crazy over the fields again.

Keep up the good work Archie, mum and dad! We’ll have to back to work in no time.