Welcome to Reggie


Hello and welcome to Reggie. Such a sweet dog, though a little on edge.

His mum noticed he has been lame in a forelimb. It was always intermittent but it needed investigating. The vet saw him and couldn’t find anything. So, as a drug free option for investigation, he was referred to us to see what we can find.

This option often works out really well as we specalise in mobility issues. But sometimes we also don’t have x-ray eyes. We set Reggie on a new excercise regime to help see if we could stop the lameness, but as it was intermittent, no lameness was seen for a while, but we couldn’t be sure if that was our regime or the pattern for the issue.

There were many possibilities, including corns. This breed are susceptible to corns and they can cause odd lameness patterns, but until visable, we can’t easily identify them. This possibility remains on the table.

The lameness is seemingly reducing in frequency but possibly increasing in severity when it does come on.

So we need more investigation. Mum knows x-rays are an option but is worried about the anaesthetic. So we have suggested she look into thermal imaging. This is done conscious with high sensitivity cameras and a report is given from a vet. It may still not reveal an answer but its a safe investigation.

Keep up the good work mum and team. We’ll get the answers soon!