Welcome to Mabel


Hello and welcome to Mable. She is so so sweet and so so loved. Her dad noticed a lameness and wanted to ensure she had the best care, so instantly found us for physiotherapy.

The lameness was really very subtle and quite honestly on arrival to us, it wasnt noticable.

But thats ok. Any lameness of only 5 % or less is undetectable to the human eye, add that to a happy dog excited to be somewhere new, and it becomes even harder for low level lamemess. Thats fine though as our hands are our most important tool in ailment detection. Lameness is a complex subject.

On exam we found a few small issues going on, although not directly associated with the limb in question. This creates a great challange and we love pushing our minds to explore the body as a whole. The issues we found in the hinds can cause weight distribution changes and these can look like lameness and cause some lameness as the body starts to be used differently.

So we did our massages and stretches and sent her and dad off with a home regime. We are pleased to report that dad was instantly impressed and the lameness was not visable the following day. She has continued to be better since the home regime kicked in. Mable is in incredible condition, especially for her age. A wonderfully vigilant owner has a big part to play in that. He already had an excercise regime that included multiple walks in a day, and its a wonderful shout out to all employers who let people take thier dogs to work!

Keep up the good work dad and Mable!