Welcome to Benny


Hello and welcome to Benny. So beautiful. We do have a collie crush. Benny was full of nerves when he arrived at the door, but we are so pleased to say that his mum commented that he has never setteled so well anywhere before! We do feel its so important to put our patients at ease.

Benny was a rescue and has such nervousness. Mum has done so well at working through the issues. She has done lots of training and classes. But it became evident that he had some issues in his hind. He actually saw quite a list of therapists before he got to physio, but we are glad he has got here now.

On assessment it was clear that he did have emotional issues and that can manifest in the body and make minor ailments seem much worse. After all, pain is a responce of the emotional region of the brain. Hence why we can control it, and why we all experiance different levels of pain, with the same pain stimuli.

We did also find some hind muscle imbalance and there was tension in the illiopsoas muscle on the left side.

So we have discussed the findings with mum and set her up with a home excercise regime to build up the right hind.

Keep up the good work mum and Benny and we’ll be on top of the problems soon.