Welcome to Gunner


Hello and welcome to Gunner. Hansom labrador. He has a neurological episode. He had sever whole body weakness that looked like his hind was paralysed. He saw the referral specialist and no formal diagnosis was concluded.

Over the weeks that followed he made am amazing recovery and now he is nearly recovered. However, mum noticed that he is still having some troubles.

On exam we could see where some of his issues still lay. In humans we might regard this as fine motor skills, like trying to write. Our dogs dont have thumbs so thier fine motor skills are not quite so fine, but things like balance are affected, and how well he can correct himself to stop a fall. So this was reflected in him not being playful.

We can help with this. We have set a program that focuses on his proprioception. When this improves his strength and balance will also return.

We look forward to getting him back to enjoying a good play again. Keep up the good work mum and Gunner.