Welcome to Gracie


Hello and welcome to Gracie. This feels like the last in a 3 part series! Gracie is best friends with Smokey and Widget.

Mum loves Gracie to bits and could see she was looking old in her golden years. She decided to get her checked over. We did find stiffness and areas that needed some help. We did a treatment and deep tissue massage in the areas of need. We also set a home excercise regime to keep gracie supple and comfortable.

Changing the home regime to suit the lifestages is essential to a comfortable life. Every body is different so we cant say every 6 or 8 year old should be treated the same. After all, there are amazing 90 year old humans doing marathons! But thats not for us all. So we have to respond to the needs of the individual. So if you think your loved one is changing a little, maybe its time for an assessment so we can make sure your excercise regime suits them and they are getting the most out of thier life.

Keep up the good work mum and Gracie!