Welcome to Dennis


Hello and welcome to Dennis. Sweet man with a lovely nature. Mum was worried as he has started to slow down on walks. So she felt it was a good idea to have his mobility checked.

Well this is a fantastic idea as it keeps you aware of how the body is doing and gives us an opportunity to make any tweeks and improvements before they get serious.

We did notice there was not as much hind limb muscle as we would like to see. This is not unusual in this breed. But knowing that, doesnt mean we have to accept it and not improve the situation.

So we set mum up with a home excericse plan and some muscle building. Clearly we cant do a high levels of cardio with a pug as they have small airways. But we are so pleased to see that mum has embrased the excericises and got him working our on his wobble cushion!

Well done mum and Dennis! Keep up the good work!