Welcome to Tinsel


Hello and welcome to Tinsel. Such a sweet rabbit with a very loving mum.

One day she was out in the garden and her mum just noticed something wasn’t right. She rushed over and she was paralysed in her back legs.

So quickly to the vets. They did x-rays and discovered it was not a broken back. But there was some possible intervertebral disk disease with some spondylosis.

Mum was determind to not give up so she has been caring for tinsel who has remained in very high spirits and very mobile.

So she came for physiotherapy. Her digital flexor tendons had started to tighten, so we gave mum some massage to help those stay comfortable. There was some hip stiffness. Tinsel has actually got some hind movement so this needs to be encouraged and the spinal weakness and instability also needed addressing. So we have given her excercises. This includes work on a wobble cushion. She has taken to this very well.

Keep up the good work mum and Tinsel!