Welcome to George


Hello and welcome to George. A beutiful and very loved shit-zu cross.

He has been referred to us because he has been lame in his forelimb and the vets were unsure as to why.

So we had a big chat and did our assessmemt. We actually found very little wrong in the exam. Some mild crepitis showed there was a problem in the wrists, but it didnt seem highly painful.

On chatting we discovered he actually walk for hours and hours 4 times a day. He is also over weight. His amazing mum is 81yrs young and deteremind to get out and about. She loves her dog and treats regularly.

But it was clear that as most of us age we reduce our excercise, but George had not. So we set him a new home regime. It required less walk time, but still the frequency. Mum can still take him out but perhaps relax on a park bench for a while. And of course, he needs a diet.

We also gave a weightshift excercise as there was a mild reduction in muscle bulk on the lame leg.

We are pleased to say that the new regime has worked a treat. He has not been lame since. Both mum and George are happy. He still has to loose some weight but for now, its excellent news that we are on the right track.

Its tough when dogs get older and we often dont realise thier life needs adapting to thier new needs rather than our own. But remember: Dogs age almost thier whole life in approximately 10 of our years. We dont change much in 10 years, but none of us are doing the same when we are 20 as when we are 70yrs….

Keep up the good work mum and George.